The Mother Restricted Her Daughter From Living With Her Boyfriend, Then She Plotted Her Murder

The tragic case of Jeanne Dominico

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Christopher came to his girlfriend’s home later in the day. The house was eerily quiet.

As Christopher advanced further into the house, he noticed blood on the kitchen floor.

Christopher entered the kitchen only to find his girlfriend lying face down in a pool of blood. He immediately pulled her up in shock.

His girlfriend wasn’t breathing. So Christopher called 911.

“I kneeled down next to Jeanne’s body when I found her. She was lying on her side. I brushed her hair away from the side of her face. Then I noticed her eyes were wide open.” — Christopher.

Nicole Grew up in the Care of Her Mother

Nicole Kasinskas lived in Nashua, USA, with her mother.

Nicole’s father was always absent from her life. So Nicole’s mother, Jeanne Dominico, worked three jobs to support her two children, Nicole and Charlie.

However, Nicole also did a lot of chores to help her mother from a very young age.

That impacted Nicole’s social life. She was very shy and had no friends except her mother.

She was more like her best friend.

Soon enough, Jeanne met Christopher McGowan. The two fell in love, and they got engaged. Nicole felt isolated because her mother now had little time for her.

So Nicole turned to the internet to fill her void.

Nicole Met William Online

Nicole and William Sullivan Jr met online. Nicole loved that William showed interest in her from the beginning.

Their online romance blossomed very quickly. The two also had some things in common. Their parents were both divorced, their dads weren’t around, and they both had social anxiety.

Nicole and William’s romance soon grew into an obsession. The two talked on the phone all the time.

Nicole Told Jeanne About William

Nicole and her mother Jeanne — Image from Oxygen

Nicole confided in Jeanne about her newfound love with William.

Jeanne was excited for her daughter as she wanted Nicole to meet new people. But she was also concerned about how intense her daughter’s relationship was since it was so new at the time.

Nicole and William had their first face-to-face meeting in August 2002. And they met again in the fall of 2002.

That is when the couple talked about moving in together.

Jeanne Told Her Daughter She Couldn’t Move In With William

Nicole’s mother was against the idea of Nicole and William moving in together. She was still very young (sixteen) and naive.

But this didn’t settle well with either Nicole or William.

Little by little, William started developing hatred toward Jeanne. Things got worse when Jeanne started supervising Nicole’s and William’s visits.

In August 2003, William visited Nicole in Nashua.

William made efforts to be on Jeanne’s good side.

Jeanne was so impressed with William’s behavior that she allowed Nicole and William to spend some time together unsupervised.

But Nicole and William used the alone opportunity to plot Jeanne’s murder.

The two wanted to get Jeanne out of the way so they could move in together.

The couple came up with various plans to get rid of Jeanne.

Nicole and William first tried to put bleach in Jeanne’s cold medicine. But Jeanne didn’t die.

Then the two tried to burn Jeanne’s bed mattress while she was sleeping. But Jeanne’s bed was fire-resistant.

Meanwhile, Jeanne didn’t notice the first couple of murder attempts.

Nicole then requested emancipation from her mother. But Jeanne didn’t grant her wish. She prohibited Nicole from seeing William anymore.

William Visited Jeanne Alone

On August 6th, William went to Jeanne’s house.

Meanwhile, Nicole stayed in William’s car in a nearby parking lot.

William tried to reason with Jeanne for the last time about Nicole moving in with him. But Jeanne stood her ground.

William was infuriated.

He reached for a baseball bat and hit Jeanne in the back, cracking her skull. Jeanne managed to get up and tried to run for her life.

But William grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed her in the shoulder so hard that the knife blade broke. Then William held Jeanne down.

He stabbed her in the neck and throat with another knife more than fifty times.

Afterward, William went upstairs and changed his clothing. Then, he went back downstairs and cleaned up.

Jeanne’s Boyfriend Found Jeanne’s Body

Christopher found Jeanne covered in blood later that day.

He immediately called 911.

However, Christopher was the first suspect since he was found covered in blood. He was also the person who found Jeanne first.

The police took Christopher to the station for questioning. But they quickly ruled him out as a suspect.

Christopher told the police about Nicole’s relationship with William. But Nicole and William were nowhere to be found. Nicole and William, and Nicole returned to the house later in the day.

They told the police that they were out all day. And they had receipts to prove their alibis.

Nicole and William Were Brought in for Questioning

Nicole and her boyfriend William — image from Oxygen

The police took in Nicole and William for questioning. They put the two in separate interview rooms.

The police found it suspicious that Nicole was more concerned about William than her murdered mother during the interview.

Nicole also kept on changing stories.

In one instance, she told the police that she argued with Jeanne over her emancipation request. Jeanne repeatedly slapped Nicole. So William killed Jeanne while defending her.

On the other hand, William cracked.

He admitted to killing Jeanne. William told the police that it was a planned murder. William and Nicole had planned the murder together.

The police informed Nicole that William had finally confessed. So Nicole had no option but to tell the police the truth.

The police had a lot of compelling evidence against William.

William’s bloody fingerprints were found on the walls of Jeanne’s house. Nicole’s testimony also played a major role.

Nicole found out that William was cheating on her. He was involved with a fifteen-year-old girl. And William was manipulating the other girl the same way he manipulated her. So, Nicole took a plea deal and testified against William.

The Aftermath

It was discovered that William had a very messed up childhood.

He had been in and out of the psychiatric hospital. William started taking medication for anxiety at the age of six. But he stopped taking his medication when he met Nicole.

In August 2005, William was found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Nicole pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

In September 2005, Nicole was sentenced to forty years in prison. But two and half of her years were removed from her sentence as part of her plea agreement.

Nicole stated in a later interview that she didn’t believe she had planned her mother’s murder. But she was simply scared to lose William.

She said,

“He killed my mom and I was part of it. I wasn’t physically there but I knew and I helped him.

He started talking about killing himself on the road driving into a big truck.

If I said it’s over, I didn’t really feel like I was anything without him. So the thought of losing him in that way just wasn’t ok with me.”

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