The Cold-Hearted Boy Catfished Somebody’s Daughter, and Then Suffocated Her With Duct Tape and Killed Her

The disturbing case of Nichole Cable

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On May 20th, 2013, Nichole’s body was found 20 miles from her home, dumped under a pile of leaves in the woods.

And her body was left nude.

“A body has been located in Old Town and is presumed to be that of Nichole Cable. Unfortunately, this did not end as we wanted.” Glenn Ross stated.

Nichole Was a Fifteen-Year-Old Teenage Girl

Nichole Cable was born on August 12th, 1997.

Her parents were David Cable and Kristine Franks.

Nichole’s parents divorced. And her mother married a man named Jason Wiley. So Nichole went on to live in Glenburn, USA, with her mom, stepdad, and three younger sisters. Nichole was very cordial with her new family.

She always wanted to see everyone happy. And she always tried to cheer up people when they weren’t.

In addition, she was a fun-loving and outgoing girl. She loved upbeat music and anything she could dance to.

Nichole was a sophomore at Old Town High School and also a part-time model.

So, she was pretty popular among her peers. And like most teens, she enjoyed spending time on social media.

Nichole Went Out At Night

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On May 12th, 2013, Nichole left her home that night. And she informed her mom that she was going to meet someone outside before leaving. But Nichole didn’t return.

Her family grew concerned and reported her missing. And immediately, Nichole’s search was launched.

The police used the help of aircraft and dogs. Hundreds of volunteers came in to help. And pictures of Nichole were everywhere around town.

Also, One of Nichole’s friends, Kyle, shared Nichole’s missing person poster on his Facebook page.

Kyle also went to Nichole’s family home.

He offered to babysit Nichole’s younger sisters while the parents were out searching for her. But Nichole’s mom turned him down. Then on May 20th, Nichole’s naked body was found 20 miles from her home. Her killer had dumped her under a pile of leaves and sticks in the woods.

A medical examination of Nichole’s remains revealed she died from asphyxia.

Nichole’s Family and Friends Were Devastated

Nichole’s death was a huge blow to the hearts of her family and friends. As they grieved, a memorial was set up near the end of a road.

Family and friends brought balloons, flowers, and candles. And they also left notes for her.

Meanwhile, the police found a suspect.

They had found DNA under Nichole’s fingernails and on a mask discovered near the crime scene.

Interestingly, the police had interviewed the suspect prior.

He had scratches on his face, which he claimed he got from work. But the police didn’t buy his story. And they also found out Nichole had met up with that suspect the night she disappeared.

The suspect was one of Nichole’s friends, Kyle Dube.

He was a twenty-year-old who worked for a care center for people with disabilities. Kyle lived in Maine with his parents and his four-year-old daughter.

He was also dating a girl named Sarah Mersinger.

Kyle Got Obsessed With Nichole

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Kyle was one of Nichole’s social media friends. And he was obsessed with Nichole in a toxic way.

He always tried to get Nichole’s attention, but Nichole wasn’t interested. Nichole saw Kyle as a friend. And he didn’t want the friend zone.

Nonetheless, the two sometimes hung out together and visited each other’s homes.

At one point, Nichole’s mother confronted Kyle about his intentions with her daughter.

Kyle told her that they were just friends. But deep down, Kyle wanted something more. And he devised a plan to get Nichole to fall for him.

The plan was stupid.

Kyle wanted to pose as a kidnapper and abduct Nichole. Then he would hide her in the woods, find her when everyone was worried looking for her, and become a hero.

Nichole would fall for him in return for saving her life.

Kyle Created a Fake Facebook Profile

In May 2013, Kyle set up a fake Facebook account under the name and picture of Bryan Butterfield. Then he sent Nichole a friend request.

Nichole accepted the request, and the two started chatting.

Kyle went to Nichole’s house on the night before Nichole went missing. He tried kissing her, but Nichole turned him down.Offering popular women’s necklaces such as pendants, chokers and chain necklace. Shop for jewelry in a variety of metals and gemstones to suit any occasion

The turndown, I suspect, gave him more reasons to execute his dangerous and stupid plan. Then on May 12th, Kyle chatted with Nichole under the Bryan Facebook profile.

He convinced her to meet with him at the end of her driveway on a remote dirt road. And that night was the last time her family ever saw her alive.

What Happened to Nichole That Night

Under Bryan Butterfield, Kyle catfished Nichole.

So, Nichole went out to meet with her Facebook friend Bryan, not knowing it was Kyle.

Meanwhile, Kyle was hiding in the bushes wearing a ski mask.

He grabbed Nichole and strangled her. Then he wrapped her up with duct tape and threw her in the back of his dad’s pickup truck.

Nichole fought for her life and scratched Kyle’s face.

Unfortunately, she had already died when Kyle went to check on her. The duct tape that covered her mouth made it difficult for her to breathe.

So Kyle panicked.

He removed Nichole’s clothes so the police dogs wouldn’t trace them. Then he dumped her lifeless body in the woods and covered it with leaves and sticks so the police wouldn’t see her from the sky.

Then he threw her clothes through the car’s window as he drove home.

Kyle Was Arrested

Kyle was arrested and charged with Nichole’s kidnapping and death.

Kyle’s girlfriend came forward and told the police that he had confessed to being involved in Nichole’s murder. Kyle’s brother also told the police that Kyle had confessed to him about killing Nichole.

Kyle confessed to another inmate via a fifteen-page letter he wrote while in prison. He wrote more details on what transpired that night.

He admitted that he choked Nichole before she ripped his mask and scratched his face.

He stated;

“I jumped out wearing a ski mask.

I grabbed her around the chest and stomach, and then I realized I had her in a chokehold with my right arm over her neck area.

She passed out, and I freaked out.”

However, Kyle pleaded not guilty in court. But his girlfriend testified against him.

The Aftermath

Kyle was found guilty of murder and kidnapping.

He was sentenced to consecutively 60 years for murder and 30 years for kidnapping. Kyle was also made to pay for Nichole’s funeral expenses.

Nichole’s mom gave an emotional statement during Kyle’s sentencing.

She pleaded with the judge not to let Kyle out.

She stated;

“She( Nichole) had so many dreams. Dreams of getting her driver’s license as she turned sweet 16. She had dreams of getting married and having a child.

Please do not let him out. Do not let him do this to another person.”

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