When Grandparents Open Up Their Home for Their Psychotic Granddaughter

The Bjorge tragedy

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Wendy and Randall welcomed their granddaughter into their home.

All they wanted was an active role in raising her.

But then their granddaughter held parties while their bodies decomposed in the house.

“Gwinnett County teenager and her boyfriend are accused of killing her grandparents…Reports say the teens had friends over to the house where the bodies were decomposing.” — Reporters stated.

Wendy and Randall Were Grandparents

Wendy and Randall with a man dressed as Santa — Image from Dailymail

Wendy and Randall Bjorge lived in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA.

The couple was well-loved and respected in their community. They were known to help out anyone anytime they could.

The grandparents learned that one of their grandchildren, Cassandra Bjorge, was giving her mother problems. So they intended to help. So, they took in the seventeen-year-old to live with them. Cassandra already had a long juvenile record by that time.

Nonetheless, Wendy and Randall filed for custody of Cassandra in October 2015. And it was granted.

They thought it best to take Cassandra away from her usual bad peers she was used to. And then give her a stable home in Lawrenceville.

That way, Cassandra would have a fresh start and turn her life around.

Cassandra Dropped Out Of School

Cassandra Bjorge — Image from Dailymail

Cassandra went on to attend Peachtree Ridge High School for a short while before she dropped out.

She immediately restarted her bad conduit.

Wendy and Randall would often report their granddaughter missing. And also call the police for domestic disputes and substance abuse.

Records show that the police responded to the Bjorge home more than thirty times in less than two years.

On one particular occasion, Cassandra assaulted Wendy.

The two had gotten into an argument in which Wendy confronted Cassandra for coming home late and being disrespectful. Then Cassandra threw water at Wendy.

Cassandra also began running away from home. Wendy even shared a missing post of Cassandra at one time on social media. Fortunately, Cassandra returned home several days later, and Wendy posted that her granddaughter was safe.

Wendy shared another missing post of Cassandra in April 2017.

“Please spread the word. Please be on the lookout for Cassie.”

The Bjorge Family Called The Police

Then a few days later, the Gwinnett County Police received a wellness check request from the Bjorge family members.

None of the family members had heard from Wendy and Randall for about a week.

The police checked the Bjorge home for Wendy and Randall. But no one answered the door, and so the police left.

Then the police were called on April 8th because of an assault case that was taking place in a home in Lawrenceville.

The victims told the police that their attackers were nineteen years old, Johnny Rider, and his girlfriend, Cassandra Bjorge.

The two had attacked Johnny’s sister and her boyfriend with a baseball bat and took off.

What Were the Events Leading To The Attack?

Johnny’s sister came home from a restaurant with her boyfriend. She found her room upside down. And a few things were missing.

So Johnny’s sister confronted Johnny. Then Johnny attacked her sister and her boyfriend with pepper spray. Then Johnny and Cassandra hit the couple with a baseball bat.

The couple sustained serious injuries from the attack. Luckily, they were immediately taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the police found a car. Johnny and Cassandra had left it behind and taken a different car.

The car they left behind belonged to Wendy and Randall. So the police went back to the Bjorge home, and this time they forced their way inside the house. Then they found Wendy and Randall dead.

It was estimated that they had been dead for around a week.

Wendy and Randall had endured multiple knife wounds, their throats had been slit, and they suffered blunt force trauma to their heads.

The main suspects in the murders were Cassandra and Johnny. The police immediately searched for the two.

The Police Found Cassandra And Johnny

The police tracked the couple to an apartment complex in Suwanee. Cassandra and Johnny were hiding at a friend’s house.

The police surrounded the building and ordered Cassandra and Johnny to come out. But the couple refused to comply.

The police ended up having a standoff with the two before arresting them.

Cassandra and Johnny also tried to commit suicide by cutting their wrists before the police got to them. But they didn’t succeed.

They were rushed to the hospital, and then they were arrested.

Cassandra and Johnny blamed each other for the murders.

Cassandra told the police that they had planned Wendy and Randall’s murders for several days before execution.

What Happened to Wendy and Randall

Cassandra and Johnny waited outside the Bjorge home for the grandparents to sleep.

Then they snuck inside the elderly couple’s home.

Cassandra and Johnny attacked Wendy and Randall immediately.

Johnny attacked Randall, while Cassandra attacked and duct-taped her grandmother. Cassandra then assaulted Wendy.

Cassandra and Johnny used a hammer, a baseball bat, and butcher knives to beat and kill the elderly couple.

Then Cassandra and Johnny sealed the windows to keep the smell of the decomposing bodies from getting out. The two later ordered takeout and invited some friends over to the house for parties.

Cassandra claimed that she killed her grandparents because they had become too strict with her.

Cassandra also told the police that they planned on killing Cassandra’s mother and Johnny’s family too.

The Aftermath

Both Cassandra and Johnny took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to murder, aggravated assaults, armed robbery, and theft.

They were each sentenced to two life sentences with the possibility of parole after 60 years plus an additional 21 years to be served concurrently.

Johnny asked for forgiveness describing his crime as abominable and evil.

On the other hand, Cassandra refused to say anything.

The rest of the Bjorge family stated that they were haunted by what happened. Wendy and Randall’s son, Chris, said he finds himself talking to his parents’ ashes.

“I’m still in shock and disbelief that such an event has occurred. I have anxiety that I can barely describe and anger that is boiling deep.” — Chris stated.

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