When a Father Doubts the Paternity of His Days-Old Daughter, And Then Her DNA Gets in the Microwave

The tragic case of Paris Talley

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China had just learned that Terrell doubted he was little Paris’ father.

She also couldn’t believe that her boyfriend cheated on her with her neighbor.

China took out her rage on her twenty-eight-day-old baby.

“She was so upset. She took her one-month-old baby girl, put her in the microwave oven, and cooked her alive for nearly two minutes.

This baby, her body temperature was up to about a hundred and eight degrees when they rushed to the hospital her skin was so hot it was falling off. They found the baby’s DNA inside the microwave.” — A news reporter stated.

Paris Was a Twenty-Eight Days Day Old Baby

Paris Talley — image from dailymail.co.uk

Paris Talley was a twenty-eight-day-old baby girl born in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Paris’ mother, China Arnold, gave birth to her in August 2005.

At that time, China lived with her boyfriend/Paris’ father, Terrell Talley.

Terrell and China cared for their daughter at their home in a housing complex. In addition, China’s other three children also stayed with the couple.

On August 29th, 2005, the couple was exhausted from caring for three children and a newborn. So, Terrell asked his sister to babysit the four kids while he went to the local park to spend quality time with China.

The couple started drinking until they both got very drunk. Then they got into an argument over the paternity of Paris.

Terrell doubted that he was Paris’ father because he had heard many rumors about China having an affair with another man.

China denied the accusations.

But the couple’s argument got more heated from there. And Terrell denied that he was little Paris’ father.

Terrell Cheated On China

Terrell then angrily confessed to China that he was sleeping with her next-door neighbor.

The admission of infidelity was too much for China to handle.

The couple returned home, where the argument flared up again. China bit Terrell on the lip in the parking lot. Terrell slapped China and pushed her to the ground in retaliation.

Terrell was too angry to go inside their home afterward.

So he went to a nearby apartment where he sold drugs. He returned home later after he had cooled off.

Terrell found China passed out on their couch and Paris sleeping right next to the couch. So Terrell also went to sleep.

He woke up the next morning only to find Paris cold and rigid with multiple serious burn marks.

That sent Terrell into an immediate panic attack.

He woke up China, and they rushed Paris to a children’s medical center. It was too late for the doctors to save Paris, and she was declared dead.

The baby had a temperature above a hundred degrees. She had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. Doctors were baffled by Paris’ injuries and wondered how she sustained her burns.

It didn’t make sense that Paris came dressed in a clean nightgown.

Her garment should have had skin and should have been torn based on her injuries.

Meanwhile, Terrell was upset and cried while China yelled that Paris’ skin was just peeling.

China Told Her Story of What Happened

China Arnold — image from My Crime Library

China told the authorities she got home at two in the morning and had tried to feed Paris.

Paris refused to eat, and her body felt hot. Then China got up in the morning and discovered that Paris wasn’t acting right.

With all the inconsistencies, China and Terrell were taken to the police station from the hospital.

Meanwhile, the police searched the couple’s apartment.

The police knew that Paris was burned, but they didn’t know the cause of the burns. The burns were clearly defined. They were severe in some areas, and the other regions were spared.

Paris’ burns were severe on the front of her chest and face.

The police searched around the house, including the stove and oven but didn’t examine the microwave. They had no idea a microwave could burn so hot. Let alone anyone using it on a baby.

Then the police discovered that China was seen outside on her porch at 4 a.m. on the day of Paris’ death.

But China said that she was waiting for Terrell to come home. And she claimed that Terrell had left with baby Paris earlier.

Nonetheless, the police arrested China while Terrell was allowed to leave the police station that day.

China was arrested for child endangerment since she was the only one home at the time of Paris’ injuries. But she was released due to a lack of evidence.

The Police Investigated the Microwave

The police returned to Terrell and China’s apartment, examined the microwave, and found Paris’ DNA inside.

A baby of Paris’ size could fit in the microwave. In addition, the burn patterns on Paris’ body matched the oven’s heating element.

Paris was placed on her back and facing the heating element.

Paris must have died almost immediately after the microwave temperature rose to 108° Fahrenheit.

The time of her death was between 1 and 3:15 a.m., and China was seen outside on his porch around 4 a.m.

A pathologist analyzed Paris’ burns. The pathologist stated the burns matched those of another Virginia child who also died in a microwave.

The pathologist also stated that Paris’ temperature reached 107 to 108 degrees. She was likely in the microwave for at least two minutes.

The Aftermath

The authorities charged China with aggravated manslaughter.

They specified that China had deliberately caused the death of another person who was under thirteen. As China awaited trial, she developed a close relationship with her cellmate, Linda Williams.

China confided in Linda.

Linda testified against China in court.

Linda stated that China admitted to putting Paris in the microwave because she was afraid Terrell would leave her if he realized the baby wasn’t his. Paris also had told Terrell that if he hadn’t cheated on her, Paris would still be alive.

China had a history of crime before she even gave birth to Paris.

In 2000, China was convicted of kidnapping. Then she was arrested again a few years later for forgery.

Two psychologists confirmed that China Arnold had an average IQ and no serious mental disorder. China was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

And on the issue of paternity that started Terrell’s and Paris’ argument, DNA tests after Paris’s death confirmed that Terrell was her father.

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