The Nanny Sexually Abused The 11-Year-Old She Babysat, Then She Became Pregnant From Him

The story of Marissa Mowry

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When it comes to sexual abuse, women are not often thought of as predators. Unfortunately, this often leads to most parents overlooking some of the inappropriate ways female nannies handle their children.

This was true in the case of a twenty-two-year-old nanny who sexually abused an eleven-year-old until she got pregnant and gave birth to a son.

Marissa Mowry was employed as a live-in nanny in Hillsborough, Florida, USA, by Nadean Campbell in January 2014, at the age of twenty-two. During her period as a nanny, Campbell never noticed odd behaviors displayed by Mowry.

She trusted her with her kids. But, behind the image Mowry portrayed, she was sexually abusing Campbell’s eleven-year-old son.

It All Began With the Dirty Game She Suggested

The eleven-year-old victim recounted that the abuse started in the form of an innocent game.

“It was a game called, Are you nervous, and the object of that game was she placed her hand somewhere on my body, and I would say if I was nervous or not. And things escalated from there.”

The abuse, which happened numerous times, led to Mowry’s pregnancy. When Mowry discovered that she was pregnant, she informed Campbell’s eleven-year-old son that he was going to be a father.

The eleven-year-old kept it a secret. Still unaware of what was happening, Campbell just concluded that her nanny was carrying her boyfriend’s child. It was until three years later that Campbell learned the truth of Mowry’s son.

The Son Finally Gathered the Courage to Tell Her Mom About the Abuse

Marissa Mowry and the 11-years old boy she abused — from

Mowry was arrested in 2017. The DNA tests performed on Campbell’s son and the son Mowry gave birth confirmed that Campbell’s son was the father.

In her defence, Mowry claimed that the eleven-year-old boy forced himself on her. Investigators ruled this claim off as false. Mowry later changed her story and claimed that the eleven-year-old victim had consented to the act, which was also not true.

In 2019, at the age of 28, Mowry pleaded guilty to sexual battery charges. She was finally sentenced to twenty years in prison for sexual abuse and an additional ten years of sex offender probation when she leaves prison.

Final Thought

The young boy who was the victim of Mowry’s action is now a responsible dad of the child from the abuse. His mom says it didn’t ruin his life but changed it.

Not many cases of male sexual abuse come to light. In this one, the young boy overcame what happened to him and raised the baby. But his mom still has concerns as she says he won’t have a normal childhood because of the aftermath of the sexual abuse.