Their Two Teenage Sons Wanted Online Attention, Then the Younger Brother Said They Were Attacking His Family In Return

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It was almost midnight.

Daniel was shaken by seeing his brother kill his mother and siblings. He managed to hide in his dad’s office.

He called 911.

Dispatcher: Broken Arrow 911.

Daniel: Help.

Dispatcher: Broken Arrow 911.

Daniel: Help.

Dispatcher: Hello?

Daniel: Help!

Dispatcher: Hi. Where are you at?

Daniel: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 74011.

Dispatcher: Okay. Are you the only one there?

Daniel: No. My brother’s attacking my family.

Dispatcher: Your dad is attacking your family?

Daniel: No. My brother. Hello?

The Bever Family Lived In Oklahoma

The Bever family lived in a large house in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The parents, David and April Bever, got married in Texas when April was fifteen. The couple had seven children together;

  • Eighteen-year-old Robert
  • Sixteen-year-old Michael
  • Thirteen-year-old Crystal
  • Twelve-year-old Daniel
  • Seven-year-old Christopher
  • Five-year-old Victoria
  • Two-year-old Autumn.

The family was quiet and withdrawn.

The Bever children only played in their own backyard. And the family seemed to actively stay away from social gatherings in the neighborhood.

David and April homeschooled their children their entire lives. The parents seemed to want to protect their children from the outside world.

The Bever Children Used Electronic Gadgets

Nonetheless, the Bever children were free to use phones, tablets, and computers.

They could access the internet, movies, music, video games, etc.

The Bever teenage boys, Robert and Michael, were more interested in video games. And they recorded YouTube videos together. But, at some point, Robert then became interested in murder.

He started looking at stories about famous serial killers and mass shooters like Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez.

Meanwhile, Michael looked up to his older brother. So Robert shared his thoughts about committing mass murder with Michael.

And Michael joined in.

The brothers started talking about wanting to be famous by killing hundreds of people. But they had to start at home.

The plan was to kill their whole family, make a video, and post it on YouTube.

Robert and Michael Got Courage From Rampage

Robert and Michael watched a 2009 movie called Rampage to find more inspiration.

The movie “Rampage” was about a twenty one year old man who hated society and believed that he needed to kill as many people as he could to reduce the population.

And the man did just that.

Meanwhile, Robert took his savings from his job at a Christian call center. He started ordering knives, body armor, guns, and ammunition.

David and April were aware that Robert was collecting dangerous weapons. But they brushed it off as him being a teenager.

Robert and Michael Laid Out Their Plan

Robert and Michael sat down and plotted how they would kill each family member.

The plan was to put on gear at around midnight.

Robert would then kill April, their mother, while Michael killed Crystal and Victoria. Then Robert and Michael would go upstairs and kill David, their father, and the baby. Then Robert would kill Daniel and Chris.

Then the brothers would wait a couple of days before they left the state and began a killing spree.

What Happened to the Bever Family

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On the night of July 22nd, 2015, Robert and Michael were in their shared bedroom. And they put their plan in motion.

Robert and Michael put on their gear.

The brothers lured Crystal into their room. Crystal began screaming. And they slit her throat. The scream alerted April. Then Robert quickly turned to April.

April also began screaming for someone to call the police. But Robert stabbed her mother with a knife.

He pushed April into the kitchen, where he continued stabbing her. Meanwhile, Crystal ran out of the room, out of the house, and collapsed in the driveway.

Robert went after Crystal.

He grabbed her and dragged her back onto the front porch before telling Michael to bring her back inside.

Michael did that. Then Michael went to the bathroom, where Christopher and Victoria hid. They had locked themselves inside. Michael then pretended that he was also trying to hide from Robert.

He told his siblings that they needed to let him in. Christopher opened the door for Michael.

But Michael went in and stabbed his two siblings to death.

Daniel Called The Police

Daniel had locked himself in his father’s office. He had managed to get Michael’s cell phone.

He called 911.

But Robert and Michael got to Daniel during the call. Michael ended the call. He turned to Robert and said, “He’s all yours.” Then Robert stabbed Daniel multiple times.

David was sleeping upstairs when he was woken by the commotion. He rushed downstairs only to see his wife and children dead.

David charged toward his son Robert.

But Robert stabbed his father in the chest as he came. David fell to the floor while Robert continued stabbing him to death.

The Police Arrived at the Bever House

The police soon got to the Bever house and knocked on the front door.

When they heard the knock, Robert and Michael grabbed a backpack and fled out the back door. Then they hid in a creek behind their house.

Meanwhile, the police heard a faint voice inside saying, “Help Me.”

The police kicked the door open.

They found Crystal lying in the entryway in a pool of blood. She was still alive. So they immediately took her out to the paramedics.

The police then found the other Bever family members. Unfortunately, they were all dead.

  • David had 28 stab wounds.
  • April had 48 stab wounds.
  • Daniel had 21 stab wounds.
  • Christopher had 21 stab wounds.
  • Victoria had 23 stab wounds.

The Police Found Autumn Alive

The police then found a baby girl lying in her crib unharmed.

Two-year-old Autumn had been fast asleep during the entire incident.

It turned out Robert and Michael had forgotten about her before they fled the house. The police then discovered Robert and Michael hiding near the creek.

And Robert and Michael were arrested.

The Aftermath

Crystal miraculously survived the attack despite her deadly wounds.

Crystal and Autumn’s whereabouts were hidden from the public for their protection and privacy.

Robert and Michael were both charged with five counts of first-degree murder and one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

Robert tried to commit suicide unsuccessfully before his sentencing. Robert took a plea deal to take the death penalty off the table. He pleaded guilty to all counts.

And he was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole plus another life term.

Michael pleaded not guilty and brought the case to trial. But either way, Michael was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences with the possibility of parole.

He was also given an additional 28-year sentence for the attempted murder of Crystal.

What Happened to the Bever House

Bever home turned into a Memorial Park Garden — image from r/CrimeScene

The Bever house was destroyed in a fire that the authorities believe was arson.

But they never found the people who started the fire.

The city of Broken Arrow purchased the property where the Bever home sat. Then they turned it into a Memorial Park Garden.

A Broken Arrow representative stated;

“The park that we have designed is a place that brings healing and tranquility.

So we hope that eventually, the first responders that came to this property and the siblings that survived could come by here in remembrance of the family members lost and provide some healing for them.

I just want you to know that we will not let evil overcome good in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Good will always prevail over evil no matter how much evil attempts to break you.

More than that, you are never truly in darkness. Sometimes all you need to do is turn on the light. In Broken Arrow, we’re turning on the light.”

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