The Wife Got Paranoid About the Husband Cheating; He Beat Her to Death With A Bat

The case of Michael Wayne Jones Jr

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“She started accusing me of cheating on her, just constant negativity from her. And it just escalated and escalated.

And one day, she just wouldn’t stop calling my phone. So I hung up, and I turned off the phone. That made it worse. That evening was just awful.

I took the chair just to get away from her.

She was in my face to the point where she had her phone flashlight in my face, tapping me on the head, telling me I was cheating, and telling me to give her my phone. So one thing led to another…

The strain of it all just caught up with me. It was just building up. Before I knew it, it was too much.” — Michael’s confession.

Michael and Casei Met During Their Divorce Process

Michael Wayne Jones Jr met Casei Bowers when they were both going through divorces from their previous marriages.

Michael had three sons with his first wife, Sarah. Casei had two sons with her first husband. The couple married after a few years of dating. They had two children together, Mercalli Jones and one-year-old Aiyana Jones.

Michael and Casei stayed married for two years. But, the main problem in their marriage was Casei’s jealousy and insecurities.

When Michael divorced his ex-wife Sarah, she moved to Vermont with their children. Thus, Michael would often go to Vermont to visit his children. But Casei believed Michael was having an affair with Sarah.

Casei’s Accusations Skyrocketed

Casei and Micheal (Image Credit: Police Handout)

On July 10th, 2019, Casei wouldn’t stop calling Michael whilst he was at work. So, Michael switched off his phone.

Casei didn’t take this lightly. The couple got into a very heated argument when Michael got back home.

Casei flashed a flashlight in Michael’s face, tapped him on the head, and demanded to see his phone. Then Casei reached for a bat and started hitting Michael.

Michael took the bat from Casei. He repeatedly hit her on the head until she was dead.

This all happened while the children were asleep.

Michael then placed Casei’s body in a plastic tote and hid her in a closet. Then, he cleaned up the blood from the murder scene before the children woke up.

Michael Murdered Casei’s Sons

Since it was summer break, Michael sent the children on holiday.

Casei’s sons, Cameron and Preston, went to stay with their father, Richard, for a couple of weeks. Then Michael used Casei’s phone to text her mother, Nikki Jones, to ask if she would watch the girls for a couple of weeks.

So, Mercalli and Aiyana went to stay with their grandmother. Cameron and Preston returned from their visit with their father on August 10th. About a week after they returned, Michael killed them.

Michael went into Cameron’s room, and he pulled him out of bed onto the floor. Then Michael strangled the little boy with his hands. He put his knee on the child’s chest to keep him from breathing.

Meanwhile, Preston was sleeping in the bedroom next door.

Michael then placed Cameron’s body in a suitcase.

The next night he killed Preston. His hands were sore and hurt from strangling Cameron. So, he put a zip tie around his Preston’s and pulled it tight.

Michael carried the boy into the bathroom, where he had the water running in the tub. Then he drowned the boy in the running water. Michael placed Preston in plastic garbage bags.

Michael Murdered His Daughters

On August 14th, Michael picked up his kids from their grandmother’s house.

More than a week later, the property owner of the house Michael rented began Michael’s eviction process. Meanwhile, Michael used Casei’s phone and pretended to be her via text messages and Facebook.

On August 28th, Michael put his daughters in his van and drove to city hall in Bellevue, Florida.

He sat in the parking lot, trying to build up the courage to turn himself in. At some point, Michael broke Casei’s phone. He threw it in a dumpster across the street from Bellevue city hall. Michael then went home, and he filled the bathtub.

He picked up the girls one after the other, and he drowned them. He placed both girls into a plastic tote bin together.

Michael Went to Stay With His Ex-wife

Michael went to stay with his ex-wife and three sons in Jacksonville.

There was a hurricane coming. And Michael’s sons were scared since they were new to the area. Michael told Sarah that he had separated from Casei and that Casei was at her mom’s with the girls.

Michael went back home during the labor weekend and moved all of the dead bodies into his van. Then he went back to Jacksonville and continued staying with Sarah.

Michael’s property owner then sent someone in to clean the property.

The owner noticed that there was an odd smell inside the home. There was also still furniture and personal items. But he just removed the belongings and cleaned the property.

Casei Was Reported Missing

On September 14th, Casei’s mother called the police to request a welfare check for her daughter.

When police arrived at the house, it was empty, and it had been cleaned. The police called Sarah inquiring about Michael. That’s when Sarah discovered that Casei and the kids were missing.

The authorities called Sarah again, and Michael told her he would go down to Marion and County to deal with it.

But, Instead of going to the police station, Michael headed north into Georgia. He wanted to rest up and try and think about what he was going to do next.

Michael dumped the bodies of the four children in a wooded area.

As Michael drove out of the woods, he messed with the GPS, which caused him to swerve off the road and crash. That was the point he called 911.

He confessed that his wife’s body was in the van when the police arrived. Michael was immediately arrested.

The Aftermath

Michael led the police officers to the wooded area, where he dumped the children’s bodies after he was taken into custody.

Michael was immediately charged with second-degree murder for the death of Casei.

He was also charged with four counts of first-degree premeditated murder.

He is still being held in Marion County jail, awaiting trial. Prosecutors say that they will seek the death penalty.

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