The Son Hurt His Girlfriend, and She Locked Him up in a Suitcase Until He Couldn’t Breathe Anymore

The tragic case of Jorge Torres

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Jorge was so terrified.

He was stuck in a suitcase. He tried moving around to free himself. But the position that he was in didn’t allow him to.

Slowly by slowly, his breathing failed him. So Jorge intensely pleaded with his girlfriend, Sarah.

Jorge: I can’t breathe babe!

Sarah: F**k you…Haha, stupid!

Jorge: Sarah!

Sarah: That’s my name. Don’t wear it up.

Jorge: I can’t f**king breathe baby! Seriously!

Sarah: Yaah. That’s what you do when you choke me.

Jorge: Sarah I can’t…I can’t breathe babe!

Sarah: Oh that’s what I feel like when you cheat on me…For everything you’ve done to me.

Jorge: Sarah!

Sarah: F**k you!

Jorge Got Into a Relationship With Sarah

Jorge Torres Jr started dating Sarah Boone around the beginning of 2017. The couple moved in together.

Their apartment was in Winter Park, Florida. And they were both in their late thirties. They were both previously married. And they both had children from their previous marriages.

Jorge had two daughters and a son. Sarah had a son. The couple loved each other exceedingly. All was well until the couple started having recurring heated arguments.

Jorge Argued With Sarah After a Night Out

Jorge Torres Jr and Sarah Boone — Image from
Jorge Torres Jr and Sarah Boone — Image from

After a night out at a bar, Jorge and Sarah got into a bad argument.

Jorge was apparently jealous because Sarah spoke with another man. The argument between the two got physical.

The police were called.

When they arrived at the house, the police found Sarah with a bruised and swollen eye. Sarah described to the police how Jorge dragged her up the stairs and kicked her in the eye. But Jorge told a different story.

He had visible red marks and abrasions on his neck. And he said that Sarah had followed him upstairs. She was yelling at him. Sarah then put both of her hands around Jorge’s neck.

According to Jorge, she had tried to strangle him.

And Jorge fought back by kicking Sarah in the eye. He feared she would kill him if he didn’t fight back.

Neither Jorge nor Sarah Pressed Charges

Jorge and Sarah didn’t press charges against each other.

But they were both charged. Jorge was charged with battery, while Sarah was charged for aggravated battery with strangulation.

The couple later posted a bond, and the case was eventually closed. The police were later called again to Jorge and Sarah’s house. This time, Sarah had a red lump on the side of her face and scratches on her neck.

Sarah told the police that Jorge got upset again when she talked to another man. So Jorge hit Sarah on her head, face, legs, and arms.

When she begged him to stop, Jorge yelled;

“You’re going to die.”

Jorge Was Arrested

Jorge was arrested and charged with battery.

Sarah testified against Jorge in court this time. But Jorge was soon released under the condition that he reduces his alcohol and drug consumption.

Jorge had a drinking problem.

Then the police received a call from Sarah on February 24th, 2020. Sarah told the police that her boyfriend had died in a suitcase.

Dispatcher: 911. What’s your emergency?

Sarah: My boyfriend is dead.

Dispatcher: Okay… Do not hang up… Now tell me exactly what happened there.

Sarah: My boyfriend and I were playing hide and seek last night. And I put him in a suitcase when we were playing the hide and seek kind of thing.

So i fell asleep and… I woke up and he was dead in the suitcase. So I don’t know what happened.

The Police Rushed to Jorge and Sarah’s House

The police immediately went to Jorge and Sarah’s house.

They found a very frantic Sarah. Sarah narrated to the police how she was playing hide and seek with Jorge. So Sarah went upstairs, and she hid in a closet. But Jorge never came to find her. So she came back downstairs.

Jorge and Sarah then found a suitcase.

And they thought it was funny for Jorge to get inside it. So Jorge got inside the suitcase. Sarah closed him inside.

But she then fell asleep, forgetting that Jorge was still in the suitcase. Sarah only remembered that Jorge was in the suitcase later the next day.

She panicked.

Sarah opened the suitcase. And she dragged Jorge out. Then she tried to perform CPR on him.

But it was too late.

What Really Happened To Jorge

The police took Sarah’s phone and went through it. Then they found a disturbing video on the phone.

Jorge begged for his life in the video.

Meanwhile, Sarah laughed at him. And she told him that she was getting back at him for cheating on her. The investigators believe that Sarah somehow lured Jorge into the suitcase. Then she zipped it up like it was a joke. Then Sarah flipped the suitcase over.

Jorge battled to breathe inside the suitcase until he eventually died from asphyxia.

Jorge’s autopsy revealed injuries on his left shoulder, scratch marks on his back, and a cut near his lip.

The Aftermath

The police brought in Sarah for questioning. Sarah denied laying her hands on Jorge. She also denied that she intentionally killed Jorge even after she was presented with the video evidence.

Nonetheless, Sarah was arrested.

She was charged with second-degree murder. And she awaits trial in November 2022.

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