The Son Ended Eight People and Himself Over an Animated Character, Then His Mother Grieved the Eight More Than Him

The tragic case of Brandon Hole

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It was approaching midnight.

The police received a very sudden flood of different phone calls. The callers informed the police about what was happening. A mass shooter was on the loose, and a gush of blood from many casualties.

One of the calls went like this;

Dispatcher: Marion County 911. Is anybody experiencing flu-like or COVID 19 symptoms?

Caller: No. Somebody’s shooting in my hub. I’m at FedEx in Plainville. There’s gunshots everywhere. Can you hurry?

Dispatcher: How many shots did you hear?

Caller: I don’t know. I don’t know. Somebody got shot. Can we go out down here? Can we run away and find a way to go out?

Dispatcher: Don’t go outside. Stay where you are staying…. I want you to stay with me…Don’t hang up.

Caller: Shut the door!

Brandon Was a Nineteen-Year-Old Teenager

Brandon Scott Hole was a nineteen-year-old teenager from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. And he was just four when his father committed suicide.

He experienced an argument in which his father threatened to kill himself. And his mother, Sheila, told him to go ahead. This haunting memory followed Brandon for the rest of his life. He started behaving in strange ways.

For instance;

He wore three pairs of shorts at once. He rocked back and forth while watching TV. And if his routine tasks were interrupted, he would start over again.

Brandon was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder at nine. And that was the beginning of many doctor visits.

Brandon was later diagnosed with many disorders, including disruptive disorders, behavior disorders, anxiety, and depression.

His temper became part of the long list of concerns. And he became more aggressive and disrespectful.

In May 2013, at the age of eleven, a police officer was dispatched to Sheila’s house. Brandon had attacked his mother. He punched and slapped her in the face, kicked her in the legs, and bit her on the forearm. He then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and charged at his mother.

The police officer found Sheila trapped by Brandon in the living room.

Sheila Feared Her Son’s Behavior

Brandon received months of probation after the incident. Then, year after year, Brandon spiraled deeper into strange behaviors.

Brandon quit school in 2014 before he could finish sixth grade. He isolated himself from the world. His depression worsened. Then he became suicidal as a teenager.

Brandon told Sheila, “I’ll just do what my dad did.”

Brandon turned to the internet for solace. And he started searching about mass shootings. Then he grew an obsession with My Little Pony. Brandon’s bedroom walls were covered in the animation characters’ decorations.

Brandon was assessed and asked about his mass shooting searches. He stated that he felt bad for the victims. He couldn’t put himself in the shoes of the perpetrators because he didn’t want to cause any trauma to people.

It was a waste of time for him.

In March 2020, Brandon’s mother drove him to a gun store. She allowed him to buy a gun. The store was out of ammunition that day. But Sheila soon afterward felt that she had made the wrong decision. Sheila feared that Brandon was going to take his own life.

The next day, Sheila filed a case report at the police department.

She stated how Brandon had a troubled past. Brandon told Sheila that he planned to point his unloaded gun at the police so they would shoot him.

The police made a visit to Sheila’s home.

Brandon was placed in handcuffs. But it seemed he was more concerned about his computer. Brandon asked the authorities to shut down his computer because he didn’t want anyone to see what was in it. Upon inspection, his search history revealed extremist websites.

Brandon’s Case Had To Be Taken Seriously

Brandon and her mother Sheila — image from

Brandon’s shotgun was seized. He was placed on an immediate detention mental health temporary hold. But he was released a few hours later. The medical professionals determined that there was no diagnosis. And Brandon denied suffering from any mental health problems.

Surprisingly, there was no record of a formal psychological evaluation during his visit.

A few days later, the authorities contacted Sheila and Brandon about his confiscated gun. Brandon stated that he didn’t want the gun back.

He had only bought the gun to show it to his best friend, who was into hunting. The following month, the authorities visited Sheila’s home. They had a conversation with Brandon. Then they asked him about his future plans.

Brandon wanted to join the FBI. But the authorities told Brandon it wouldn’t be an option for him.

His dream was shattered.

However, It appeared as if Brandon tried better his life despite his dream being shattered. He secured a job at the local FedEx. But it didn’t take long before Brandon quit his job.

Brandon moved back into his mother’s home in March 2021.

Sheila Sent Brandon For Therapy

It was concluded that Brandon suffered from many mental health conditions, including generalized anxiety disorder and recurrent major depressive disorder.

Despite Sheila’s efforts, Brandon had reached the point of no return.

During his sessions, Brandon stated that he had no empathy or concern for the lives of others, including his own flesh and blood. He claimed he was a danger to society and that society should fear him.

It was evident that Brandon ticked the boxes of the characteristics of a mass shooter.

  • He was a loner
  • He felt rejected by society
  • He felt the world was unfair to him
  • He believed he was the victim in all cases
  • He was angry, depressed, homicidal, and had violent fantasies. Brandon was obsessed with mass shootings and murders.
  • He had narcissistic traits.

On April 15th, 2021, Brandon unleashed the inside demons he had harbored since childhood.

The police received a very sudden surge of different phone calls. The callers alerted the police about something that was happening. There was a mass shooter on the loose and many casualties.

Over a hundred police officers were dispatched to the scene. They found the survivors hiding and traumatized.

A total of eight people were killed. Brandon had left home quietly sometime around 11 p.m. He headed to FedEx in Plainville. Then he opened fire on everyone in his way.

Brandon murdered employees at random inside the building as they tried to run for their lives. Then he returned to the parking lot and opened fire on those unfortunate enough to be nearby.

Brandon moved back inside. Then he took one more life, his own.

Brandon’s Motive Was Revealed

It turned out that Brandon was heartbroken over a My Little Pony character.

Brandon wrote,

“I hope I can be with Applejack in the afterlife. My life has no meaning without her. If there’s no afterlife and she isn’t real, then my life never mattered anyway.”

The FBI concluded that Brandon aimed to demonstrate his masculinity and ability. He also wanted to fulfill his final wish, to experience killing people.

The victims ranged in age from 19 to 74. They were Matthew Alexander, Samaria Blackwell, Amarjeet Johal, Jasvinder Kaur, Jaswinder Singh, Karli Smith, John Weisert, and Amarjit Sekhon.

Brandon’s mother stated that if Brandon can hear her, she wants him to know that she doesn’t cry for him when she cries these days. She cries for the victims.

Sheila stated,

“I grieve those people more than I ever will you.”

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