The Satanist Who Only Pooped in the Corners of His House

He neither bathed nor brushed his teeth

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In April 2015, a house in North Carolina was demolished because it wasn’t under normal living conditions.

The place was too disgusting. It contained broken glass, sharp instruments, hundreds of flies, tons of decayed animal parts, animal cages, and dried blood on the wall.

The house belonged to a woman, Cynthia Lawson. Cynthia left the house in her son’s care, who was born as John Lawson and later legally changed his name to Pazuzu Algarad, a Satanist.

A psychiatric evaluation on Pazuzu revealed that he suffered from multiple mental illnesses. Pazuzu couldn’t even take care of himself. He smelled like poop. Instead of using the bathroom, he pooped and peed in the corners of his house.

According to Pazuzu, he didn’t need a bath. He claimed he bathed only once a year. The powers of Satan he owned cleansed him. And, there was a lot more disturbing stuff about his case.

Details of Pazuzu Algarad’s Early Life

Pazuzu Algarad was born on August 12th, 1978, in San Francisco, California. His original name was John Lawson. As a child, Pazuzu was described as highly emotional and violent.

He continuously harmed animals. A psychiatrist diagnosed Pazuzu with manic depression, schizophrenia, and fear of crowds known as agoraphobia.

His parents, Cynthia and Timothy Lawson divorced in 1990. Thus, Pazuzu grew up in the care of his mother in Clemens, North Carolina. In 1998, Pazuzu’s mother remarried and later moved out to another house. Pazuzu dropped out of school and continued to stay at their old home in North Carolina.

His Inspiration for Starting a New Religion

John Lawson aka Pazuzu Algarad — photo by Vice Media

Pazuzu became a devoted Satanist and drug dealer and legally changed his name from John Lawson to Pazuzu Algarad.

Pazuzu is the name of the king of demons in ancient Mesopotamian mythology.

Pazuzu liked scaring people and making them uncomfortable. He claimed that he could control the weather.

He sharpened his teeth, split his tongue, and tattooed his face. His main idol became Charles Manson. Pazuzu decided to start a new religion that mixed Luciferianism and Islam. He chose the two religions because he knew that people would be afraid of Satan. And, at that time, people were terrified of terrorists.

To exercise his authority, Pazuzu started surrounding himself with what he called “the misfits and outcasts.” These were lower-class people, the unemployed, the homeless, and drug addicts, etc.

Pazuzu invited the people to his house and allowed them to do everything they wanted. Thus, he could easily control them. The people were attracted to Pazuzu and his rebellious nature. He was unpredictable, and he looked dangerous.

What Was His New Cult All About?

Word quickly spread about Pazuzu, and his followers grew by the day. Pazuzu would have sexual interactions with almost all of his female followers. When his followers came, they did drugs, mostly heroin, and drank alcohol. They also cut themselves, cut each other, drank animal blood, and performed animal sacrifices.

Pazuzu covered all his walls with smears of blood from the animal sacrifices. And smears of blood from the cuts he and his followers made on themselves. He also put satanic symbol posters and drawings everywhere.

And, Pazuzu bathed once a year, never brushed his teeth, and defecated in the corners of his house. He seldom bathed because he believed he had the power of Satan to cleanse them. And, his followers also copied him.

When people asked Pazuzu about his house’s foul smell, he claimed that they were dead bodies. Pazuzu claimed that he killed people and either burnt their bodies or buried them in his backyard. But most people thought he was lying.

The First Arrest

In 2011, Pazuzu was arrested in connection with the shooting of Joseph Chandler. According to his cult rule, Pazuzu only killed his victims on a night of a full moon. Note that Chandler was also shot on a night of a full moon.

Pazuzu was found guilty, along with two of his followers. But, he was sentenced to probation because he didn’t fire the gun. One of his followers who fired the gun was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and locked up.

The Final Arrest and Death

In October 2014, Pazuzu was arrested for the second time. Police searched his house after tip-offs they had received five years back.

According to the informants, Pazuzu was responsible for the disappearance of Josh Wetzler and Tommy Welch. He had abducted both men for human sacrifices in July and October 2009, respectively.

One of his followers informed the authorities in 2009 that Pazuzu kept Wetzler in his basement after the abduction. He chained and starved him. After a few days, Pazuzu shot Wetzler six times.

With the help of his female followers, Pazuzu buried Wetzler in the backyard. A few months later, Pazuzu abducted Welch and did the same thing.

But, in 2009, authorities searched Pazuzu’s house and found nothing. After five years, on October 5th, 2014, police searched Pazuzu’s house again. The investigators discovered the skeletal remains of Wetzler and Welsh.

The authorities arrested Pazuzu and two of his women followers, Amber Nicole Burch and Krystal Matlock. In April 2015, Pazuzu’s house was demolished because it was too disgusting. And, on October 25th, 2015, Pazuzu committed suicide before his trial began.