The Kids Sexually Abused Each Other, Their Mom Killed Them as Punishment

She killed two of her older children to avenge the younger one’s rape

Mitchelle Blair confessed three times to torturing and murdering her son and daughter and would ‘happily’ serve a life term — Image by

A body of a teenage girl lay frozen and lifeless in the freezer.

Upon making this discovery, an eviction crew called the police, who, after further investigations, found another dead and frozen body of a young boy underneath the teenage girl’s body.

The police immediately arrested the owner of the house, Mitchelle Blair, who was at a neighbor’s house.

And, the main reason she gruesomely murdered her two children in the first place was, they were sexually abusing each other and both abusing their younger sibling.

This story involves rape among siblings, verbal and physical abuse, and worse, murder by a mother, so do not read this if you can’t handle the nasty details.

Blair Had Four Kids From Two Men

To the outside world, Mitchelle Blair was a loving mother who would do anything for her children. But, in reality, she constantly abused all her children verbally and physically.

Blair had a total of four children, two girls fathered by Alexander Dorsey, Gabrielle and Stoni, and two boys fathered by Stephen Berry, Stephen and Matthew.

The whole family stayed in Detroit, Michigan.

According to relatives, Blair faced constant difficulties with paying her bills and feeding her children. She often asked her relatives for financial help. Also, Blair could not secure or keep a job.

Blair Accidentally Killed Her Son First, During Intense Punishment

One day, Blair came home and found her youngest son, Matthew putting his dolls in inappropriate positions. When Blair questioned Matthew, he confided in her that his elder brother, Stephen, had been raping him.

Thus, for the next week, Blair severely beat Stephen, choked him, and threw hot water at him whilst he was naked in the bathroom. In the end, Stephen died, and Blair hid his body in the freezer.

Stephen’s murder: recorded confession

“I went upstairs and I said, Stephen, Matthew said you were humping on him. He stood up and looked at me like he had lost his mind. He said yes…So I started punching Stephen… I put a bag over his head, he lost consciousness, I did that a couple of times….” —Mitchelle Blair

Blair Described Stoni as Being a “Devil.”

After nine months, Blair also discovered that Stoni was abusing Matthew. Stoni’s case was personal to Blair because of what Matthew confessed. She would squeeze blood out of her menstrual pad and drop it in Matthew’s mouth.

So, Blair repeated the torture routine.

For days, Blair beat Stoni, starved her, threw hot water at her naked body, and finally strangled her until she died.

Then, she asked her oldest daughter, Gabrielle, to put Stoni’s body in the freezer.

Stoni’s murder: recorded confession

“She raped my son. I intentionally killed her. When I found out what Stoni was doing to Matthew it was nine months later after I found out about Stephen. So, for the whole nine months that we were in the house, she was still raping my child. I did not know that.

When I first found out, I repeatedly punched her. On many occasions. I punched her, put a bag over her head till she lost consciousness, I threw hot water on her, I hit her on her head multiple times, over and over….” —Mitchelle Blair

And Blair claimed that Stoni was sexually abusing Stephen way before she started abusing Matthew.

“She(Stoni) started telling me many things. And, I also asked her, ‘Then why didn’t Stephen tell me when I asked him, did anybody do this to him? Why didn’t he tell me that you were doing it to him?’ Because Stoni was going upstairs, beating Stephen, threatening him if he talked.” — Mitchelle Blair

According to Blair, The Events Happened as Follows

Stephen (with orange toy) And Stoni (black t-shirt) —images from
  • Stoni sexually abused Stephen.
  • Both Stoni and Stephen sexually abused Matthew.
  • Matthew confided in Blair about the sexual abuse he suffered from Stephen.
  • Stoni beat and threatened Stephen, so he would not snitch on her.
  • Blair killed Stephen.
  • Blair found out that Stoni was also abusing Matthew and had abused Stephen.
  • Blair killed Stoni.

Autopsy’s performed on the bodies showed that the cause of death was due to severe beatings and burns. Blair confessed to both murders. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without a possibility of parole.

The Aftermath

There is a high possibility that Blair was simply abusing her children throughout the years. The children might have abused each other as a result of the effects of the abuse they received from their mother.

A lot of questions remain unanswered.

Where did the children learn about sexual abuse? Were the children also sexually abused before? And, if Blair was right about how her children were performing such gruesome acts, was that all that led to her murdering her own children?

Lastly, how did no one care to inquire about the missing two children for more than two years?

Sources: Recorded confession in court, Daily mail

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