The Father Found His Daughter’s Lifeless Body in Her Apartment, Then He Saw a Guy With a Knife Inside Him

The tragic case of Janae Gagnier

Janae Gagnier — image from usdailyreport

Mark tried to call his daughter, Janae. But she wasn’t responding to his phone calls.

Mark suspected that she was sleeping in. He decided to drop by her house and check on her anyway.

Mark arrived at his daughter’s home with his girlfriend. Janae’s front door was locked. Her car was in the garage.

Mark knew something was wrong. He kicked Janae’s door down. Then he found Janae at the bottom of the stairs.

She was curled up in a ball and only partially clothed.

“I didn’t hesitate to kick the door down…I found my daughter dead on the floor, at the bottom of the stairs with her clothes all torn up and stuff…I go upstairs and see a guy with a knife in him, still alive.” — Mark Gagnier

Janae Was a Thirty-Three-Year-Old Woman

Janae Gagnier was a thirty-three-year-old lady from Houston, Texas, USA.

She was the daughter of Jeanetta Grover and Mark Gagnier.

Her parents divorced when she was very young. So, Janae grew up bouncing between her father’s home in Los Angeles and her mother’s home in Texas.

Nonetheless, Janae grew into a loving young woman.

She had a loving relationship with her parents. And she adored her half-sister, London.

Janae Had the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Janae was always financially ambitious from a very young age.

She loved money.

At the mere age of twelve, she used her father’s garage as a hair salon. There, she charged sixty dollars for hair braiding.

Janae was also into fashion and modeling.

Nonetheless, Janae trained to become a dental assistant when she finished high school. But she soon decided to follow her dream.

So Jenae dropped out. She moved to Las Vegas with her boyfriend.

And she became a professional strip club dancer under the name Mercedes Morr.

Janae’s parents initially disapproved of her profession. But they came around when they realized how much she made from it.

Janae Danced Her Way to The Top

Janae was able to dance her way through her bills.

She was also strategically networking.

She made connections with celebrities like Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Drake, etc.

Drake even dedicated his album, “Certified Lover Boy,” to Janae.

As a result, Janae built a strong following on social media under her brand name, Miss Mercedes Morr. She became an Instagram model with over two million followers.

And so, she achieved her goal of becoming a social media influencer. She had big-name sponsors like Fashion Nova.

Janae also became widely popular in her hometown in Houston, where she was living.

Janae Disappeared From Her Social Media Platforms

Janae suddenly stopped posting on social media in August 2021.

So her younger sister, London, started getting worried. That wasn’t like Janae. London tried to reach Janae through texts and calls.

But Janae wasn’t responding.

London decided to contact Janae’s father, Mark, on August 29th, 2021. Mark tried calling Janae.

But she wasn’t picking up his calls.

Mark suspected that Janae probably slept in. He decided to check on her anyway.

Mark Went to Janae’s House Along With His Girlfriend

Mark arrived at Janae’s house with his girlfriend.

The front door was locked, and her car was in the garage. Mark knocked on Janae’s door.

But she didn’t respond.

Mark kicked down Janae’s door and entered the house with his girlfriend. Then, they found Janae lying at the bottom of the stairs.

She was partially dressed. And she was dead.

Mark then went upstairs. And he saw a man lying in Janae’s bed. The man also had a knife stuck inside him. But, the man was still breathing.

He was gurgling and jerking.

The man who later died was identified as Kevin Accorto.

Janae’s House Was Covered In Blood

There was blood everywhere in Janae’s house. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the freezer, everywhere.

Kevin had also written the following on the walls using Janae’s lipstick.

“Janae led me to think she cared about me but wore another man’s ring. I should have stayed in Florida. I was used for money. I wish I’d never met her. I wish I never loved her.”

Mark was overwhelmed with anger. He screamed, “What the hell did you do!”

Janae Was Strangled To Death

Kevin Accorto — Image by

An autopsy on Janae’s body revealed that she died from strangulation and traumatic concussions.

It was speculated that Kevin stalked Janae on social media.

There are also speculations that Kevin followed Janae on her Only fans. And flooded her with fans’ money.

Kevin somehow managed to get Janae’s address.

It’s still unclear how Kevin managed to enter Janae’s home.

Either way, Kevin came for Janae. And he killed her.

The Aftermath

Janae’s father remembered how hard it was to walk into his daughter’s house with her lying dead on the floor.

Mark stated;

“What I saw, I wouldn’t want any parent to go through.”

Richmond investigators are still sorting out the case and hypothesize how Kevin could have known where Janae lived.,, BuzzFeed Unsolved Network