The Daughter Mistook a Random Car for Her Uber After a Partying Night Then Her Body Laid on a Dirt Road the Next Morning

The tragic case of Samantha Josephson

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Strangely, Greg found out that Samantha’s Uber driver had canceled the trip.

And no one was supposed to pick Samantha up the previous night.

So Greg immediately went to the police. And then he learned the horror that had happened to his girlfriend. Samantha’s body had been discovered over 60 miles away by turkey hunters.

“I found her on a dirt road near a place called New Zion field.

The more I looked at it, the more it was starting to look like a body.” — One of the turkey hunters stated.

Samantha Was a Senior College Student

Samantha Josephson was a college student. And she was a few days away from graduating from the University of South Carolina.

Samantha was an upbeat twenty-one-year-old.

However, in March 2019, she received terrible news about her family. And she was feeling depressed for a while.

Her boyfriend, Greg Corbishley, lived a little far from her. So he couldn’t be there for her physically at that moment. But the two were scheduled to see each other in a few days. Samantha’s housemates tried to cheer her up by going out with her that night.

The crew made a few stops but ended up at The Bird Dog bar.

They drank and had fun. On the 29th of March, around 2 am, Samantha waved goodbye to her friends. She then called an Uber and waited outside the bar.

Meanwhile, Samantha texted Greg the whole time. She told him that she was going home soon.

Samantha Mistook a Car for Her Uber

Samantha Josephson — image from Wikicommons

One car pulled up by the parking spot, and Samantha quickly got inside. She thought it was her Uber. But she quickly realized that it wasn’t and she got out. Then a fancy black car pulled up to the Uber parking spot.

Samantha assumed the fancy black car was her Uber. She climbed into the car before it even stopped.

Meanwhile, Greg watched Samantha’s trip on Find My Friends app on his phone. And he noticed something strange.

Samantha’s Uber seemed to be headed in the opposite direction from her place. Greg tried to call Samantha, but she wasn’t picking up. Samantha didn’t even raise the alarm that something was wrong.

Greg assumed that either Samantha had fallen asleep, her phone had run out of battery, or she had forgotten her phone in the Uber. So Greg called it a night and went to bed.

Greg Got Worried the Following Day

It wasn’t until the following day when Greg couldn’t reach Samantha, that he started getting worried.

Greg called Samantha’s friends, but no one had seen or heard from her since the previous night. Samantha hadn’t shown up for her morning shift at her job. Greg went out to look for Samantha.

Greg’s Find My Friends app had stopped tracking Samantha. So he started looking for Samantha at the last location the app showed.

The people at the bar let him see the footage from the previous night, but there was nothing much to see. But he soon found out that Samantha’s Uber driver had canceled the trip the previous night.

And to his knowledge, no one was supposed to come to pick Samantha up. Then Greg was called down to the police station for questioning. He told the police everything he knew and all he had found out.

The police then took Greg to a side room where Samantha’s family members were.

Samantha Was Found Dead

Greg soon learned that turkey hunters had discovered Samantha’s body.

“I had found it on a dirt road near a place called New Zion field. The more I looked at it, the more it was starting to look like a body.”

When Samantha’s body was brought in, the police couldn’t even count how many wounds she had. It was even impossible to tell the original color of her shirt. The police started investigating who was driving the car that picked up Samantha at the bar.

It was a black Chevrolet Impala.

The police soon found a car that matched the description, and they stopped it just for some routine questions. Then the driver immediately tried to run away.

But the authorities found the driver a few minutes later and arrested him. His name was Nathaniel David Rowland.

Nathaniel had once been arrested for robbery. And his car clearly showed that someone had been seriously injured inside it. The police also found bloody clothes and a woman’s hair in his house.

The DNA results matched Samantha’s.

The Police Found More Evidence Against Nathaniel

Using technology, the police continued building a solid case against Nathaniel.

Nathaniel was captured on camera when he tried to use Samantha’s bank cards. And cell phone records showed he was at the same place where Samatha was that night.

The police also found camera footage showing that Nathaniel was hanging around the Bird Dog bar around the same time Samantha was kidnapped. Nathaniel had clearly been watching Samantha while she mistook the first car for her Uber.

He drove straight to her on purpose and activated the child locks once she was inside.

Nathaniel used a two-bladed knife to stab Samantha around 120 times. He stabbed her with such brutal force that the knife went through her skull to her brain. He also stabbed her in her face, neck, torso, back, lungs, shoulders, legs, feet, etc.

Meanwhile, Samantha tried to shield herself.

Samantha bled profusely until she eventually died within 10 to 20 minutes. Then Nathaniel dragged Samantha’s body to the New Zion field.

The Aftermath

Nathaniel was found guilty of murder and kidnapping. And he was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole plus an additional five years.

Samantha’s boyfriend has changed his career path since he lost Samantha. He is training to become a criminal prosecutor.

What happened to Samantha still haunts her family.

Samantha’s mother stated;

“When she was sad, I was sad. When she was happy, so was I. Her dreams were my dreams, and her death was my death.

I close my eyes and feel what she endured at his hands 120 times over and over and over, fighting for her life locked in his car.”

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