After the Daughter Started Taking New Anxiety Medication, She Then Started Smelling Another Person in Her Room

The Kim tragedy

Photo by Til Jentzsch on Unsplash

Kim’s dad entered her apartment.

What he found was true horror. These words were written all over her walls.


Kim’s dad immediately ran out and called the police. Kim wasn’t in her apartment at the moment, and someone definitely had access to it.

Kim Moved Into a New Apartment

Kim moved into a little apartment, and she immediately loved it. She had severe social anxiety. So she did everything possible to stay indoors.

Kim’s job didn’t require her to go out. However, she couldn’t avoid interacting with one person, her landlord.

Fortunately, Kim’s landlord, Olivia, was a sweet old lady who understood and respected Kim’s anxiety problem.

Olivia began making food for Kim many times.

She would knock on Kim’s door and leave the food outside. And Olivia never expected Kim to come out and talk to her. Then Kim started taking new anxiety medication two months after she moved in.

Weird Things Started Happening

Around that time, Kim started noticing strange happenings in her apartment.

For instance;

  • Kim would find her things in places she didn’t remember putting them.
  • Some of her things were disappearing.
  • She had difficulty remembering where she had put some of her things.
  • The medication made Kim very drowsy, so most days, she had to take a two- or three-hour nap in the middle of the day.

Kim knew it was common for her to have side effects from the new medication.

Meanwhile, she didn’t want to go to the doctor for a different prescription because of her social anxiety. So she decided to give herself time to adjust to the new medication.

Olivia Made Kim A Salad

Then Kim received a Greek salad from Olivia.

Kim took the salad and went up to her room.

There she binged on Netflix as she enjoyed the food. Then she dozed in the middle of eating and watching her movie.

When she woke up, she still had the fork that she was using to eat the salad in her hand. But she noticed something unusual. On the left side of her bed, the sheets were messed up, as if someone was laying there.

Kim always slept on the right side because she believed sleeping on the left was bad luck. And she couldn’t have rolled over only to wake up with the fork still in her hand.

So Kim reached out her hand, felt the sheets on that side, and they were still warm as if someone was sleeping there.

Kim panicked. She jumped out of bed, grabbed her phone, and typed 911. But then she decided to let it go.

Kim wondered if all the weird happenings in her room resulted from the side effects.

She realized that maybe she was missing something else that was going on in her apartment. Maybe someone was breaking into her apartment. For the next few days, Kim observed her apartment closely. Her panties, toothbrush, and even her food were being misplaced.

There Was a Smell of Another Person

What stood out most to Kim was the distinctive smell in her apartment when she woke up in the mornings.

It was someone else’s smell, and that really scared her.

So she decided to tell her parents about it. Kim called her parents and pleaded with them to let her stay over for a few days.

Then she told them everything that had been happening.

Kim’s father decided to go and look around her apartment.

Everything seemed normal when he initially walked in. But after taking a walk around, he noticed something scribed on the wall;


Kim’s father ran out of the apartment and called the police.

The police used CCTV footage to arrest a grown man who regularly entered Kim’s apartment in the middle of the night. The man had his own key.

It turned out that Olivia’s adult son, Henry, who was living with Olivia, fell in love with Kim at first sight.

Henry became very obsessed with Kim.

He then developed an imaginary relationship where he was dating Kim. But Kim didn’t know Henry, and she had never seen him.

Henry Drugged Kim

Henry would drug his mother’s food whenever Olivia made food for Kim.

Then he would use his mother’s spare key to get into Kim’s apartment.

Henry claimed that he never assaulted Kim. But he would lay down next to her, caress her hair, and kiss her shoulder.

For four months, Kim believed she was away from human interaction when she was behind closed doors.

But in reality, there was a psycho just a few feet away from her most of the time.

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